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About Us

The Friends of Confederation Creek was formed in 2019 to preserve, protect, and restore Confederation Creek, and it's watershed. The outcomes we seek are improvement of water quality in the Nose Creek watershed, of which Confederation Creek is a major part, and subsequently the Bow River basins. We aim to do this by protecting and re-establishing wetlands and to daylight and rehabilitate water courses such as Confederation Creek. 


FOCC also works to hold all levels of government accountable to meaningful laws, policies and actions that ensure democratic engagement, sustainable development, and environmental protection to promote a healthy and green city and province, working collaboratively to constructively achieve these goals.

FOCC consists of a volunteer executive and members. If you are interested in getting involved to help protect and restore this amazing urban watershed, please get in touch using the contact box below, or by emailing us at

What Are Our Goals?

FOCC has a number of goals for the Confederation Creek watershed:

  1. Daylighting of buried stream features wherever possible

  2. Acknowledgement of the fact that Confederation Creek and several tributaries are permanent natural watercourses

  3. Transfer of all privately held stream corridor lands to public ownership

  4. Advocating for low impact development in the watershed

  5. Improvement of water quality in the watershed and in Nose Creek

  6. Correct erroneous mapping of stream features, and update flood mapping

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